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Being born and raised in the Scottish countryside was a true blessing.

The rural landscape became my playground where I spent my

younger days on the farm surrounded by nature and the wildlife.

Being brought up in this setting instilled a deep understanding

and respect for the countryside and all it has to offer.

My curiosity led to me tagging along with my Father and Grandfather on outings to the

river for a days fishing, and to the syndicates where i would watch on shooting.

I would soon pick up the skill of fly fishing - putting my casting skills to good use,

catching my first trout at the age of 7 years old - I was hooked (literally).

As my skills developed I would take on more responsibility - being entrusted to

rear the ducks, pheasants and partridges for the family farm syndicate shoots.

Shooting came next. Initially involved in vermin control, before 

progressing onto larger game and eventually onto deer stalking.

Stalking my first roe deer at 17 is a memory that I'll never forget.

Since that day I have spent countless hours on stalks and

been lucky enough to have stalked Gold Trophy Heads.

My fishing has also taken me to some incredible places.

We're lucky to have some incredible rivers on our doorstep and I've been

fortunate enough to have fished for some of the

finest salmon in the world on the River Spey.

I also put my knowledge to good use, becoming a water bailiff.

(An enforcement officer responsible for the policing of bodies of water)

Skills like these are passed down through the generations.

I was fortune enough to learn the tricks of the trade from family and

game keepers who had mastered their craft over a lifetime of experience.

It is a privilege to invite you into the North East countryside

to experience all it has to offer. To engage in new experiences and 

challenges, which have until now been reserved for the few.

John Chalmers

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