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Country Pursuits offer rifle tuition for absolute beginners or experienced shooters.

For first-time guests, you will be briefed on gun safety and informed off all protocols for handling a rifle.

We will take the time to explain all the equipment and get you hands on with the rifle. You will receive tuition on how to identify your quarry and the different species you will encounter in the wild before heading out to the range for target shooting.

Target shooting begins with 100m off of bench rest before progressing up to 300m targets. You will also shoot off sticks at 50m. 

Experienced shooters will start with a rifle zero at 100m before heading out on a live stalk.

300m targets are available.



We provide guided stalking for the complete beginner to the most experienced of hunters. The stalk will take place at first light (dawn) or in the evening (dusk). 


You will be supervised on 20,000 hectares of varied terrain from open hill and newly planted areas to 40 year old forests where we have a large number of high seats.

- All equipment hire is available.
- Trophy available on request.
- Butchering available.

Season for Roe Buck:       1st April - 20th October

Season for Roe Doe:         21st October - 31st March

Season for Red Stags:      1st July - 20th October

Season for Hind:                21st October - 15th February



North East Scotland is home to some of the most incredible geese shooting anywhere in the UK.

We are based only 2 miles south of the Loch of Strathbeg where 30% of the worlds Pink Footed geese population arrive from Iceland. Arriving in November are the Greylags - an estimated 66,000 geese can be resident on the roost on any given night.

The geese leave the roost just before first light to find their feeding grounds of mainly barley stubbles on nearby farmland. 

Country Pursuits have over 20,000 hectares of prime shooting available. Shooting is over decoys.

Duck shooting is mainly done over fed ponds where you would shoot mallard, teal and wigeon.

As with all wild game, there are no guarantees. With our local knowledge and expertise we provide the best opportunity to have a day to remember.

Only pinkfoot and greylag geese to be shot.



Pheasant shooting can be arranged for up-to 8 guns.


- 100/150/200 bird driven

- Walked up days (4 gun max)

- Bag limits to keepers discretion on the day


 Pheasant shooting days are for experienced shooters only. Shotgun certificate is required and insurance advised.

Lunch and transport can be arranged.

Image by Jack Seeds


Country Pursuits have a limited number of walked up Woodcock days available.

- Transport to and from locations available on request.

- Lunch available

Get in touch to find out more about our woodcock days.



Experience Grouse shooting with Country Pursuits.

- 5 gun walked up, 10 brace max bag limit - £515/gun

- 10 gun walked up 20 brace max bag limit - £515/gun

Prices subject to change and availability.

All grouse bag days vary due to weather conditions on the day as well as breeding season and population.

Season - 12th Aug - 10th December

Image by Chris J Walker


Hunt for foxes and other wild vermin.

These hunts will take place through the night using state of the art thermal imaging equipment.

This experience is only available for experienced shooters.
Beginners can join a party and watch but no shooting is available.



Pigeon shooting with Country Pursuits is mainly decoy flight line and roost shooting. 

Pigeon shooting in Scotland is not restricted by a close season. Wood pigeons are classified as vermin and are mainly shot over spring sowings and oil seed rape fields.

The best conditions for shooting pigeon is high winds and colder weather. As always, there are no guarantees with any wild game however with our local expertise you have the best opportunity.

- All shoots will take place on private land

- All empty spent shells to be removed from land by guns.

- Camouflage nets, hide polls and decoy equipment will be supplied

- Transport can be arranged if required

- Lunch available

Image by Jp Valery


Country Pursuits can arrange clay pigeon shooting for complete beginners or experts.


What's Available:

- Down-The-Line (DTL)

- Ball Trap

- Double Trap

- Sporting

- Compact Shooting

Locations will vary subject to your requirements, accommodation etc.

Tuition is available for complete beginners.
Available for groups.

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